Designs by Katie Leigh

At Designs By Katie Leigh, we believe confidence isn’t a luxury. Our lives are busy–and we’d bet five bucks yours is, too. So you spend your best energy on what’s important: your work, your family, and your own well-being. You’ve already got plenty in front of you. Got extra time to study the latest trends? Not so much. Girl, we got you. Our unique handmade jewelry is crafted with you in mind. Our affordable designs are always on-trend, easy to wear, and guaranteed to add a pop of color to your wardrobe for effortless glamour. From flying out the door for work to elevating your weekend, we’ve got the extra confidence you deserve. 

Your destiny called–and she’s stylish AF
Well hello, Gorgeous! I’m Katie. And I know that no matter how amazing you are (and girl, I KNOW you’re amazing!), sometimes you just need an extra boost. And I’m passionate about getting you there. 
I opened Designs By Katie Leigh in 2014 with just 10 listings–because I was tired of all the cute jewelry being either too expensive or too cheap. You know, the kind that turns your ears green.
 Thank you, next.
I design with you in mind–affordable, colorful hypoallergenic pieces that go with everything a busy woman might wear. Because I believe everyone deserves to have access to gorgeous jewelry. It just makes life easier. Not surprisingly, my customers agreed with me.

Designs By Katie Leigh blossomed into one of those unbelievable, pinch-me-I’m-dreaming kinda jobs. I love running this business with my husband, Alex. He’s active duty military, so together we built something that stays with me no matter the location or situation.Kinda like my jewelry. *wink*
Paying It Forward
I’m a working mom with a passion for uplifting the women around me–and not just my customers. I regularly work with other small businesses and donate my products to charities, 
Charities that promote healthy body image for women and teens–because everyone is born beautiful
Military-affiliated programs–cause let’s face it, military life ain’t for the faint of heart
Other Etsy sellers–90% of our materials come from other small businesses, because we both know that what goes around comes around
Pssst! Get in on our secret…
You know that matching jewelry makes you feel like your high school principal(no offense if you’re actually a high school principal...we’re not talking about you–we’re talking about Mrs. Dockstedder!), but you struggle with feeling put together.We’re on it.
Coming soon:
Kate Crates!
We’ve taken the guesswork out of necklace layering, cuff stacking, and color coordination to bring you curated handmade jewelry subscription boxes that will leave you feeling glamorous AF in 15 seconds or less.Want to be the first to know when Kate Crates go live? We can hardly blame you. Subscribe to our newsletter and always be looped in (plus, you’ll get a gift just for signing up!).

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